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UST Cleaning is Always Looking for Motivated & Experienced People

Our jobs include:

  • Daily cleaners
  • Supervisors
  • Area supervisors
  • Managers
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Floor maintenance
  • and more

UST Cleaning service has a strict hiring process to adhere to the high standards of the industry. Employees must pass all legal standards before getting hired.

Please Email your Resume to with Your name and Resume in the Subject Line.

We are always taking resumes. Someone will follow up with you once with have gotten a chance to review.



Referral Bonus Program

If you are satisfied with the cleaning of UST, please consider recommending our services to family, friends, business owners and anyone that requires a commercial janitorial service. We service Chicago and all surrounding counties along with parts of Indiana and Wisconsin. Your kindness will be rewarded with up to $1,000!
UST is a great cleaning company. As a medical facility, we need to ensure a clean and safe environment for our patients and families. Never been anything other than completely satisfied with their service. We had another cleaning company at a former facility and this company is heads and shoulders above the other one. Highly recommended! -Medical Building Manager